MDM, founded in 1984, is a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business with a long history of significant achievements in the energy and environmental industries. Over more than three decades of service, MDM has successfully completed approximately 250 projects ranging from installing reliability centered maintenance programs (predictive maintenance) on off shore deep water platforms to demolition and decontamination of Building 771 at DOE’s Rocky Flats (The Wall Street Journal referred to Building 771 as the most dangerous building in America) to helping restore vital infrastructure in the Southeast following Hurricane Katrina. We have successfully completed individual projects with costs ranging from $200,000 to in excess of $30,000,000 over this time period with total revenue produced approaching $500,000,000.

MDM has received many prestigious accolades and awards throughout the years and has earned a strong reputation for business acumen based upon sound engineering and technical judgment in the performance of many complex and varied projects. Our safety record is impeccable and we will be happy to review it with you.

Our approach to business is and always has been built upon strong fundamentals. We employ the best program managers, project managers and technical staff available in the marketplace. We require that our projects function under sound policies and procedures that work. We compensate our staff at the upper end of requisite pay scales and we manage our costs with an eye towards value and efficiency in order to provide that same value to our clients.

Throughout our 30+ years of experience providing important services to our clients, we have come to realize that one of our most important strengths is our back office process. Efficiently providing our employees with all the tools and support needed allows them to optimize their effort and increase their productivity. The net result is strong staff retention, minimizing any interruption in service due to employee turnover. Additionally, we ensure that our clients have what they need when the need it by understanding requirements beyond those outlined in project scopes. Our experience over more than three decades of business has exposed us to a myriad of client requests for both documentation and specialized processes. We have always satisfied our clients’ special requests and have been repeatedly told that our responsiveness is something rare in the industry.


Michael Flower

Our Chief Executive Officer, Michael Flower, a Service Disabled Veteran, is a successful and recognized entrepreneur with over 30 years of experience in business formulation, development and implementation of long term growth strategies, and execution of business disposition strategies ranging in excess of $500,000,000. Mr. Flower has been working in the Energy Industry for more than 40 years, founding MDM Services Corporation in 1984. MDM has a long, successful history of projects totaling hundreds of millions of dollars in support of public utilities, private industry, international energy customers, and federal, state and local governments. Prior to 1984, Flower served in the U.S. nuclear navy as a nuclear operator aboard both submarines and surface ships.

Mr. Flower has been recognized as Inc. Magazine “Entrepreneur of the Year” for Orange County, California, one of the top five entrepreneurial markets in the United States. He has been an invited lecturer on “Entrepreneurship” at major Universities and has provided consultation to countless new business enterprises. Flower has a degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Colorado.

Mike Bryant

Our President and Co-founder of MDM Solutions LLC, our land services and public affairs/regulatory division, Mike Bryant, has been working in the land and right-of- way business since 1989. Bryant provides 27 years of experience working with oil & gas, utility, communications and transportation companies.

Bryant leads MDM with his extensive project experience, leadership and business development skills. He started his land career as a Senior Right-of-Way Agent and was soon promoted to Director of Land. After that he has held the title of Senior Vice President of Land and also Senior Vice President of Field Solutions. He has successfully managed land and survey teams throughout the country with superior financial achievement.

Prior to working in the land and right-of-way business Bryant taught high school and coached football in Oklahoma and Louisiana. After that he went on to coach football at the University of Oklahoma under Coach Barry Switzer followed by coaching positions at the University of Georgia and Northeast Louisiana University Monroe.

Bryant started MDM with the goal of providing clients with high level personnel and project execution and has built his team to accomplish this goal.

Douglas Sipe

Our Vice President and Co-founder of MDM Solutions LLC, our land services and public affairs/regulatory division, Douglas Sipe has over 20 years of regulatory experience in the energy field. This includes project execution, program/project leadership, technical expertise, environmental compliance, stakeholder communications and public outreach.

Sipe brings MDM 16 years of experience from the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC). While with FERC, Sipe was responsible for directing FERC’s “Outreach” initiatives and advising federal, state and local agencies; elected officials; the natural gas industry; FERC staff; and other stakeholders on the Commission’s Regulations, Policies, and Processes for the siting, construction and operation of natural gas facilities under the Natural Gas Act. He was also, responsible for educating federal, state, and local agencies on the Commission’s regulations for coordination and processing of federal authorizations. At FERC, Sipe represented the Commission, speaking at numerous conferences, public meetings, federal and state agencies’ regional and local meetings, foreign delegation briefings, interstate pipeline association venues, and interstate pipeline companies’ offices.

Since leaving FERC, Sipe developed a Regulatory & Public Affairs group that consults with clients utilizing his FERC background and provides advice and services to support FERC and linear energy projects.

Bon Roberson

President and founder of MDM Energy Services LLC, our Inspection and Construction Management focused division.

Bon has over 25 years of experience in pipeline and facilities construction, as well as O&M integrity maintenance programs.

Bon started his career executing & later managing Pipeline & Facilities construction projects in the Oil and Gas industry. Starting off as construction manager and estimator, Bon quickly advanced due to the high standard he sets and expects others to follow when achieving Customer Satisfaction on projects. After 15 years in the Construction Industry, Bon entered into a Management Role at a Construction Inspection Firm and quickly was promoted to Vice President based upon his results orientated and mandatory client satisfaction style of leadership. For over 10 years Bon remained in a leadership role within Inspection / construction management firms until 2016, Bon became the President and co-founder of MDM Energy Services, LLC.