Along with Inspection Services, MDM’s Data Solutions team has been pioneering form-driven digital documentation solutions for inspection and construction data since 2013.  MDM takes our Client’s forms and workflows and transforms them into a digital environment to harness project data capture and execute automated workflows.  MDM’s Construction Quality Management System (CQMS) provides our Clients with fast, accurate data collection with automated workflows for absolute trace-ability and streamlined efficiency.  MDM’s QCMS is completely customizable and is intended to be tailored for our Client’s specific needs and requirements.  The advanced data collection system allows for automated documentation filing, which diminishes the project’s overall documentation effort, real-time data validation against industry regulations and Client standards/specifications, keeping the project in compliance, and customizable project controls reporting, which provides the Management Team with 24/7 project status information.

MDM History with Digital Documentation Systems

MDM’s Team has a long history providing Inspection services.

2013 – MDM’s Team began pioneering form-driven digital documentation solutions for Inspection and Construction Data.

Historical Experiences:

Enforcing The Business Process

  • Automated Data Validation
  • Automated Approval Workflows
  • Accountability For Construction Documentation

Bringing Added Value & New Cost Savings As An Inspection Provider

  • Provides Real-Time Reporting & Data Validation
  • Ensures Consistent Execution Of Business Process
  • Consistent Training On Proper Documentation For System Users
  • Project Specific Training On Specification Requirements In Documentation


Purpose of Digital Documentation Process

The purpose of any Digital Documentation Process is to provide users a Fast & Easy means to Record and Retrieve Accurate Information.

Verbs (Tasks):

  • Record – (Input & Store Data)
  • Retrieve – (Index & Recall Stored Data)

Adjectives (Descriptors):

  • Fast & Easy – (Easy Access To Data)
  • Accurate Information – (Valid Data)

Most Likely, You’re Already “Paperless”paperless-process




Fast & Easy Accurate Info
Retrieve Data  check-mark-1292787_960_720  check-mark-1292787_960_720
Record Data  check-mark-1292787_960_720  check-mark-1292787_960_720

What Can MDM’s CQMS Do For You?