MDM communications planOur world is growing. Growth, along with public demand for increased participation in project siting at all levels; including affected landowners; local; county; state; and federal governments; as well as all permitting agencies are demanding greater public involvement in the development and siting of all linear projects. Developing and implementing a successful Stakeholder Outreach plan is crucial to the timely completion and success of your project.

MDM Public Affairs supports your project at the local, state, and regional levels. We help you identify your stakeholders, both supporters and detractors and their agendas. We look at historical data to find any previous concerns or incidents that may affect public thinking in the area of your project. This allows us to provide you with finely tuned messages that speak to the most important stakeholders for your project, those that live along the proposed route and their elected officials. Stakeholder outreach is not just a necessity for federally regulated projects, it is a “need” to have for every project large or small. Developing and implementing successful stakeholder outreach is crucial to the timely completion and success of your project. Effective outreach can save you time, keep you on schedule and save you money. MDM Public Affairs understands how to work cooperatively with stakeholders, permitting agencies, and our clients ensuring that the project meets the required regulatory milestones and moves smoothly through the permitting process while keeping all stakeholders informed and appropriately involved.

MDM Public Affairs has developed a master program that is tailored to your specific project. The program is designed to work seamlessly with the siting and regulatory process of any project, large or small. The focus is on early engagement with stakeholders and providing them with multiple opportunities to be informed, provide direct feedback to the project team, and offer input into the overall siting and development of a project, be it an energy, transportation, commercial, or residential facility.

Communication Practices

• Customized Stakeholder Outreach Programs
• Project Specific Engagement Plans
• Key Messages
• Project Team Communication Training
• Media Strategies

Engagement Services

• Stakeholder Identification, Consultation, and Feedback Management
• Project Outreach Materials, Notifications, Announcements, and Newsletters
• Government Affairs/Community Relations
• Public Meeting preparation and support
• Turn-Key Open House Planning and Implementation
• Coordinate Regulatory/Agency Site visits
• Monitoring Support and Opposition Groups
• Maintain/Update Project Website
• Project Life Cycle Stakeholder Outreach Implementation and Support

MDM Public Affairs provides training designed to support the specific regulatory process including the FERC Suggested Best Practices for Industry Outreach Programs to Stakeholders, Interstate Natural Gas Association of America Commitment to Landowners, and the International Right of Way Association Pipeline Personnel Right of Way Training module. We train with a client company ambassador approach for the project we are supporting.